Tame Impala

This poster was a part of project for my screen printing class. The assignment was a classic one, create a concert poster for a band. For this project I got the band Tame Impala, a psychedelic electronic indie band. I thought a fun way to represent this band was to take inspiration from all of the psychedelic concert posters of the 1960’s with bright colors, distorted type, and psychedelic visuals. I created a two color screen print that ended up being very bright. It almost looks like the poster can glow in the dark in person. I illustrated the drooping liquid line work with the name of the band blending in at the bottom. This was a fun print to create and even more fun to show people and have them try to distinguish the band name. It’s hard to pick out but it’s there. Screen printing is something I have had a passion for since learning and look to work more with the medium in the future.