Freshly Fracked Water

Freshly fracked water was a guerrilla advertising project in an Art Direction course. Fracking is a technique used to drill oil but is not sustainable with it’s contamination of ground water. The result of this contamination is people get water out of their tap in North Dakota or Montana and can actually light it on fire with the amount of chemicals found in the water. To bring awareness to this we created a guerrilla advertisement through the Sierra Club as a fake client. What we did was take a normal water bottle and filled it with a bunch of gunky water. Then created labels saying “Freshly Fracked Water” the labels contained a list of the chemicals that could be found in the tap water of residents that fracking has affected. The graphics were blotches of oil that I drew and then placed on top of a watershed map. After printing out the labels we put them on the bottles and placed them in the grocery store for a short time in hope to bring awareness to this unsustainable drilling technique.