Boon Brewing


This was a big project. This was done as my graphic design thesis. Most of the fall semester of my senior year was focused on this project. For this project we had free reign other than our deliverables had to be somewhat extensive.  Eventually I came up with the idea of creating a charitable brewing company. I came to this idea because I wanted to combine a few elements. I wanted to work on something that people enjoy, but I also wanted to work on something that could help make a difference in the world. So I thought ‘Drink Good, Do good, Feel Good.’ This brewery was created on the idea that each six pack sold would have its own organization that the proceeds would be donated too. More specifically they would be local organizations to create a more emotional connection between the organization and the consumer. So the task at hand was to come up with local organizations to support, create a name, create a logo, create the labeling for all of the beers and create a six pack that the beers could come in. The other tricky part of creating these labels was creating a label that would stand out from other labels on a shelf. Which as many designers know is not an easy challenge. There is so much good design in liquor and beer packaging was very hard to come up with a unique identity. I ended up following a style that is not necessarily seen much in beer labeling and that is a pop art and screen print feel in the labels. This bright colored and abstracted imagery pops off the shelf. The labels contain imagery of what organization is being supported by the beer. Below are the labels and the bottles mocked up.