Sol Threads

This project was done in my identity systems class. The class focused on logos, branding, and identity. For this specific project we had to create an entire brand based around a certain genre. I chose non profit because I thought it could be a fun category to experiment with. I had the idea to create a sort of pop up shop in a truck like other brands do in cities. The idea was a clothing company that was a non profit, similar to idea of Toms shoes. This pop up shop would then park at a said location and then customers would be free to browse the clothing line. All of the clothing would be branded to Sol threads. Each piece of clothing would have a hangtag that would also double as a token. After purchasing the clothing item the customer could then take the token and place it in one of the five boxes next to the register. Each of the boxes that the customer that the customer has the option of choosing is a different charitable organization that the profit from the clothing item would go to. So the customer not only is donating to a good cause with their purchase but they get the experience of putting a token in to help contribute to an organization that they care about. For design, I created the logo, the designs of the clothing, a hangtag/token, and the labels for the boxes of the charities. This was great challenge in creating an identity that was unique, cohesive, and simple.