One Way Ticket


This was probably one of my favorite projects. This was not a project for a graphic design studio but for a printmaking studio in a section working with letterpress. Letterpress is a medium that I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring over the past couple of years in printmaking studios. The project was focused around the idea of multiples. We were at complete freedom when it came to our ideas for how we thought the power of multiples could be most effective. I thought it would be fun to do something a little sarcastic or humorous. So I decided to make ‘one way tickets to hell’ in the style of an old train ticket. I made a photopolymer plate of the design which I created on illustrator and then used an old Vandercook letterpress machine and created about two hundred double sided tickets. I then cut out each ticket with a zig zag scissor to give it an old train ticket feel. These tickets were then placed in a box for dispensing where any person could come up to the box and was dispensed the surprise of a one way ticket to hell. The tickets can be interpreted in a variety of views. I personally think they are a fun token to posses because we have all done something we are not proud of in our lives and we have thought that ‘well i’m going to hell for this’. So far everyone I given them too has gotten a laugh out of it.