This project was in collaboration with the Belgrade Community Library in Belgrade, Montana. The library came to our class and were asking for a redesign of their current logo. So each student in the class created their own logo to present to the library. The logo that the library thought suited them best was chosen to be used as their actual logo. The process went: the representatives of the library came to our class to present what their intentions were with the redesign of the logo and what colors and imagery they wanted. We then went on our own and presented our final designs to the representatives. The final logo unfortunately was not mine. However the library chose certain aspects of each design that they thought could be combined and used. My color palette was chosen to be used in the logo along with another classmates typography and another students mark.

The Revolution Records logo was for an identity systems course. Where each student had to create a company that they would make logos for. After narrowing down a company, each student had to create three different marks that depicted three different time periods. I chose the 1920’s, 1960’s and contemporary. It was a good exercise in doing research on past graphic design and then taking those elements and putting them into a project. The logo shown above is my mark for the contemporary category.

This project was for my identity systems class and was focused on taking a logo that was outdated and re-designing it. In this case I had Rainier Fruit which is a large fruit distributor in Washington. The logo they already had was too complex and contained a lot of unnecessary imagery, and the typography really could use work. So I decided to create a very simple logo that could be used in a variety of settings, I was thinking especially on the side of crates. This required a very simple design that could even been stenciled and spray painted fairly easy. So I took the letter R which was already very prominent in their current logo. I then used the counter form to depict a piece of fruit, in this case a pair. This logo represents the company in a simple fashion and is easily recognizable. It can be used in a variety of settings such as the side of crates of fruit.